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Current Competitions

  • 13 days
    47603 remaining
    Max 1000 p/p

    Win £10,000 Cash + 350 Instant Prizes (Incl. An Audi TT)!!!

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  • 3 days
    2711 remaining
    Max 50 p/p

    Win This Mitsubishi Evo VIII + 250 INSTANT PRIZES (Low Odds)

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  • 3 days
    6353 remaining
    Max 200 p/p

    Win This 100g Gold Bar Or £4,000!

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How it works

Step 1

Answer the question correctly and buy the tickets to enter the competition.

Step 2

The Prize Draw can be watched by live streaming on Facebook. Winners are then chosen at random by using the Google random number software.

Step 3

We will contact you in the event you are a winner, and let you have full details about how to claim the Prize. Get your entries in now.

Recent Winners

Nicholas WON the BMW M2!

Ross WON the 550HP BMW M3!

Ryan WON the Mitsubishi Evo X

Gary WON the 590HP Nissan GTR!

Kevin WON the MK7 Golf R

Lee WON the MK2 Focus RS